23 CSKA students graded by Master Frank Woon-A-Tai

Twenty three karatekas from the Central Shotokan Karate-do Association (CSKA) were on Saturday last (July 15) graded by Shuseki Shihan, Frank Woon-A-Tai, M.S. at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) Pavilion.
Master Woon-A-Tai is currently in Guyana to conduct the second grading examinations for the year at the various IKD member dojos. He was assisted by Sensei Kenrick Cheeks and Senpai Michael Hing.

The 23 successful CSKA karateka flanking Chief Examiner, Master Frank Woon-A-Tai, M.S., who trained under Senpai Michael Hing (right) and Sensei Kenrick Cheeks (not in photo) – photo courtesy of Artistic Marketing

Aniyah Couchman and Saidah Bradford were promoted from 2nd Kyu (2nd Brown) to 1st Kyu (3rd Brown) while Ayden Doris and Kyle Couchman moved from 3rd Kyu (1st brown) to 2nd Kyu (2nd brown).
Promotions were as follows:
2kyu to 1kyu (2nd to 3rd brown belt) – Aniyah Couchman and Saidah Bradford
3kyu to 2kyu (1st to 2nd brown belt) – Ayden Doris and Kyle Couchman
4kyu to 3kyu (purple to 1st brown belt) – Che Talbot, Daniel Cameron, Keron Prescott, Reilon Smith and Savitha Singh.
5kyu to 4kyu (blue to purple belt) – Lataliya Norton
6kyu to 5kyu (green to blue belt) – Darrell James, Nathaniel Singh and Nicholas Alencar
7kyu to 6kyu (orange to green belt) – Jemacy Holder, Kellon Barkoy, Lucas Alencar, Mortimer Duke and Raphael Ali.
8kyu to 7kyu (yellow to orange belt) – Aiden Lovell, Chad Lovell, Gabriel Lewis, Jelani Armstrong and Uthan Henry.
The next grading examinations will be held in November of this year.