One of the more educated, intelligent, articulate politicians of our time

Dear Editor,
This is truly a difficult one. My memories of Dr Rupert Roopnaraine go back to him on the campaign trails in earlier elections. I remember him very energised and reaching into his soul during his deliveries, convinced that common sense would prevail at the polls.
I remember him during this 2015 election, with less steam, less enthusiastic about the outcome, convinced that racism would triumph again.
I am sure that he was more than overjoyed that the country had overcome that hurdle this time. So had the country, Dr Roopnaraine, so had the country.
Dr Rupert Roopnaraine will undoubtedly stand as one of the more educated, intelligent and articulate politicians of our time. Dr Roopnaraine, please accept my respect and humble tribute to your seeming lifetime efforts at righting Guyana’s political and economic problems.
I sincerely hope that you continue to make a difference behind the scenes, and may the Guyanese who followed your work take up the mantle you just passed to them and carry on the struggle for a better and more prosperous Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Craig Sylvester