4 head to DR via Corona Sunsets Festival Promotions

The Corona Sunsets Festival Promotions ended last Saturday with excitement as the two anticipated winners were announced.
The parking lot at Survival Supermarket, on Sheriff Street, Georgetown, was decorated with the charms of the Corona Girls, Corona Bucket Giveaways and soca music. Consumers were allowed a last chance to buy their six packs to participate to win a trip to the Corona Sunsets Festival in The Dominican Republic (DR). corona
Present at the grand drawing were Survival Supermarket Accountant Chaitwantie Lutawan and the management and staff from Top Brandz Distributors. The two anticipated winners were Mark Evans from Paradise Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara, and Devon Warren from Corriverton, Berbice.
They purchased their six packs from Survival Supermarket, Sheriff Street, and The Strip Hookah Lounge and Restaurant, respectively. The two winners were called on spot, with the conversations broadcasted on the speakers.  When asked by the DJ, “What’s your favourite Beer”, they both responded, “Corona”, leaving the crowd cheering.
Both winners were allowed to take a guest and the four lucky tourists are confirmed to travel this weekend. The all inclusive trip to The Dominican Republic promises to be a fun packed weekend with VIP parties and private tours, all adding up to the grand event, The Corona Sunsets Festival, on Saturday, November 19.