4 years of increased burdens by APNU/AFC

Dear Editor,
Four years after entering office with a slim but controversial victory at the May 11, 2015 polls, the APNU/AFC coalition Government has reversed the direction of Guyana into a failed state. The coalition Government’s failure to address numerous scandals is the reality, which is that this coalition Government is considered to be the most corrupt Government ever in the history of Guyana.
The APNU/AFC coalition Government has failed in every aspect of governance in order to realise the good life for all Guyanese. In just four years of governance, our country has lost hope.
The are many signs of discrimination, racial and political discrimination against critics of the Government emerging, along with marginalisation, massive corruption in every section of the Government, the upsurge of crime is uncontrollable, taxation is the only form of revenue, unemployment of thousands of workers, no new investments or job creation especially for young people, etc.
The list of failures of the Granger-led Administration has outweighed the few achievements, if there are any. Guyana can only recover from the mismanagement of the coalition Government by a new PPP/C Administration. The coalition Government has not delivered anything tangible in four years.

Zamal Hussain