6 EBD residents nabbed with gun, ammo & narcotics

The items that were found during the raid on the EBD

Six persons have been arrested between Friday and Saturday following several police operations conducted along the East Bank Demerara corridor, which have led to the discovery of several illegal firearms, rounds of ammunition, and narcotics.
Police have said that on Friday, a 34-year-old woman was arrested at her Grove, EBD apartment following the discovery of 100 kilograms of cannabis concealed in a barrel within the apartment’s ceiling.
Acting on information received, police went to the woman’s home and found her, her 57-year-old father and another female present. Ranks undertook a search of this home, and located the hidden barrel containing numerous parcels of ganja.
The woman was arrested, cautioned, and taken to Divisional Headquarters 4B, where the seized narcotics were weighed and amounted to 101.7 kilograms. Investigations are ongoing.
On the same day, ranks on motorcycle patrol apprehended a man with three grams of cocaine in the Grove Squatting Area. Reports are that two ranks observed the 58-year-old man acting suspiciously and decided to search him. They unearthed a transparent plastic bag containing a rock-like substance in his possession.
He was arrested, and the substance tested positive for cocaine which weighed three grams.
On Saturday, between 4:00h and 7:00h, ranks attached to the Timehri Police Station raided several spots, including a farm at Yarrowkabra on the Soesdyke/ Linden Highway, where a 60-year-old resident of Kuru Kururu and a 48-year-old resident of the Yarrowkabra Extension community were arrested.
Their apprehension came after a search of their living quarters unearthed a 12-gauge shotgun, eight cartridges, and two cartridge casings hidden in the roof.
Two camouflage military shirts were also found in a security guard’s quarters, leading to his arrest as well. The trio are currently in police custody.
Meanwhile, a 78-year-old resident of Yarrowkabra and his 48-year-old son have been taken into custody following the discovery of a shotgun at their premises.