A demoralised APNU/AFC is not the answer

Dear Editor,
As noted in Monday’s Washington Post, “With attacks on journalists increasing and the space for free expression shrinking, Tuesday’s presidential election will be decisive for the future of press freedom in the United States and around the world”. Freedom of the press is guaranteed under President Dr Irfaan Ali’s new Administration and the fair distribution of Government’s advertisement. Under the past APNU/AFC Government, this was not only lacking but also, the State’s machinery was solely used for that party’s propaganda programme. The distortion of truth, spreading of lies and the blatant tongue-twisting were channelled fluently and flowingly without reservation through this medium. As a result, many writs were filed, suing for large sums of money because of the APNU/AFC’s falsity and recklessness and now, ironically, it is the PPP/C Government which is faced with footing the bill. All the lawyers’ fees created as a result of the APNU/AFC Government’s frivolous and vexatious litigations against the PPP/C have to be mockingly borne now by said PPP/C Government. The dastardly raping of the Treasury by the APNU/AFC has to be replenished by an impoverished PPP/C Government. The misappropriated financial excursions enjoyed by the cunning APNU/AFC is now the PPP/C’s headache to consolidate and appropriate.
The APNU/AFC’s corrupted transactions while in power, now become a monster and a storm for the PPP/C to tame and calm. The APNU/AFC had synchronised a network of convoluted and complex proceedings while in office by ignoring, changing or reworking the legal ramifications to disguise the legitimate requirements so that the requisites would conveniently suit their purposes.
It is the job of the PPP/C to harness all resources to unwind all the puzzles and perplexing problems that were intricately woven with callous and meticulous foresight. This premeditation was carefully contemplated upon by the devious ingenuity of the APNU/AFC so that they could have pursued all possible avenues in order to manufacture veins of financial drains to extract perks and pocket-filling remunerations. It is up to the PPP/C to not only plug these loopholes but also to discover the sources and destinations.
The APNU/AFC had to make up for the missing chances during their 23 years of absence from domination and now had to utilise their five years of opportunities that were gifted in their short life span. The past five months were crucial because they realised that this cherished occasion may not arise again and so they excruciatingly vandalised the circumstances, accordingly. An animal being led to the slaughterhouse wouldn’t care where the faeces would land. Now that the APNU/AFC’s royal excrement has hit the fan and the spill can be found nationally, it is the laborious loyalty of the PPP/C Government, which has to patiently clean up their pile of caca! Ask if the APNU/AFC’s followers care or are concerned and you will most likely be greeted with a scorned expression and a turned-up nose in a number of probable cases.
Their die-hards would remain belligerent and still condone their criminal and outrageous behaviour. In fact, they will not only condemn you for racking up the dead carcass and denying the established facts but also, accuse you of wicked fabrication to cause strive and caucus. How do you temperamentally rationalise with such absurd insanity and contemptuous antagonism? But, a ray of hope burns at the end of a lit channel, exposing the APNU/AFC’s fragility as they crumble daily with supporters deserting or abandoning their lost cause, enveloping a mirage of hopeless, visionless and illusive aspirations. It is without any pressure but a conscientious effort that onlookers are observing the true nature of a demonic APNU/AFC, who deliberately destroyed and demolished the innocent simpletons who were chastised and castigated for the greed of personal gains at an expensive cost! Thousands chose to dive in the realm of silence and disbelief rather than confront the enlisted horror and face the terror that has endangered their very welfare and honour. They preferred to cower in shame and avoid any discussion pertaining to this magnanimous monstrosity. They feel overwhelmed in being let-down and want to hide in the shadow of lower heads with eyes scorching the ground rather than eyes admiring the beauty of a promised future hand-held by the PPP/C. Do you blame them for feeling let down by heartless and villainous leaders who shunned their very basic needs and wants? This is a representation of an outer edge, blunted, but advancing on thin ice, lying on a foundation of uncertainty, doubt and disbelief.
This coin has three sides and we have explored the flat side of those depressed in oblivion and those in abeyance dangling on a narrow, rounded surface. Flip it and the opposite side of the enraged prostrators will surface to demonstrate a campaign that reflects frustration, condemnation, aggravation and revulsion. They blatantly feel repulsive and are beginning to express their dissatisfaction with the APNU/AFC for failing to uphold the campaign motto to run on honesty and integrity. Gradually, the truth is sinking in with the unveiling of all the catastrophic humiliations they have suffered because of the party’s dirty work and devious corruptions. Again, they are too ashamed to discuss and deny the hard and established facts that are portraying the dishonesty of a satanic Government, whose officers were consumed with selfish ambitions meant to serve a good life to be realised by themselves only. How foolish, injudicious, pugnacious and unreasonable could they have been, knowing that their imprudence would cause them the wrath of intelligent party members and the attention of law-abiding associates. No wonder many are currently distancing themselves from this pile of bilge that is overflowing and hog-washing the shores of Guyana. The end is near and there is an urgent need for a new beginning, but, from where do you start, with whom and based on what? The prognosis for checks and balances as a modicum of control is imminent, yet the responsibility lies with genuine commitment from patriotic Guyanese, sworn to loyalty to the nation. The defunct APNU/AFC is demoralised and certainly not the intended answer! Is the haughty Donald Trump the answer to America’s cause or the humble Joe Biden?
Jai Lall