A look at the PNC’s upcoming congress and a myriad of problems immediately sets in

Dear Editor,
Not that this party congress and who is “selected” has any particular relevance on a Guyana landscape; it certainly doesn’t. However, it is interesting for us to take a look at what obtains within the inner sanctums of that party.
In the first place, it is a corrupt party, corrupt to the very core; which means that it would be awfully difficult to get transparent and accountable leadership from within that political entity. It is a well-known and established fact that the PNC rigged every election since adult suffrage was introduced into this country. It is a dishonourable badge that its members wear even to this day.
It is their trademark, which they brazenly tried to get a court of law to legalize. How revealing that was! Their rigging qualities have even infected their own party, to the extent that force is applied to get the desired outcome. there is the usual gunplay at congress and elections.
At the last party congress, in which Granger was “selected”, Norton had to run for his life after that gun episode. One wonders if there will be a repeat of the same at their upcoming August congress.
To add more fuel to this sordid affair, Amna Ally has come out swinging. She is quoted in the news as saying that “Norton was unfit to be the leader of the PNCR”. Further, as saying that “Norton comes across as a racist who does not understand the importance of transparency and accountability” Those are very strong words from a longstanding party executive.
Let’s analyze her statements. In the first place, Amna, being an Indian woman and past secretary of that party, was unceremoniously forced out of office when Norton took over. The same went for Geeta Chandan-Edmond. So, Amna was right that Norton has an abhorrence for Indians being in any position of importance in the party.
Looking at her remarks from another angle opens a can of worms, because it is not only a Norton hangup, but one that the PNC holds dear: women are meant to be, and are viewed as, “chattels” in the hands of the men of that party. We all are aware of the many scandals that surrounded prominent women of that party whenever it came to holding office. It is in the public domain that many “favours” have to be given before a position can be granted. Even Burnham in his heyday had never viewed women as amounting to anything of importance, and so it has been ever since in that party.
Norton, for his part, is on the ropes, if not on the canvas. Nobody wants him! At the onset of his move for leadership, all the bigwigs of the PNC resigned. Wasn’t that a warning signal that this man was not wanted? The great repulsion for the man is also reflected in the many brainless statements he has made. So, things seem to be heating up as congress draws near.
If party elections are transparent, and this is a highly improbable expectation, then another leader will be chosen. But if the usual PNC Rigging trademark is applied, then Norton will be back. We eagerly await the outcome of this latest imbroglio of the PNC.

Neil Adams