Adult learning centres needed in Guyana

Dear Editor,
Guyana has poor education standards in comparison to the developed democracies which is compounded by “the brain-drain” as many Guyanese seek to escape Guyana to live abroad.
This education problem (the lack of education) needs urgent attention as an investment in education normally pays off in the medium to long-term.
As a start, the Government should consider investing in some adult education centres to facilitate the re-education of the adult population to meet the current and future demand. Investing in adult education is a worthwhile endeavour as it not only educates the adult population but this will also bolster parents to help and encourage their children in their educational pursuits. Everyone accepts that parents should spend more time helping to educate their children. However, how can this be achieved when many of the parents themselves are uneducated?
Fifty adult education centres throughout Guyana would cost about $10 billion (estimated cost). The bonus is that an educated workforce would encourage investment into Guyana. I accept that the money may not be there for this investment and that more urgent problems need to be prioritised. However, it is a long-term investment that will pay dividends in the future.

Sean Ori