Agriculture Road being neglected

Dear Editor,

As a concerned resident and tax payer living in Agriculture Road, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, I am concerned about some issues in this road that leads to the Guyana School of Agriculture and NAREI.

Not very long ago, I saw a new road built in NAREI compound, in front of the gate, the length of that road is approximately 200 meters long.

What bothers me most is those who came to build this road left three huge holes on the road just in front the bridge. They also left another three bigger pot-holes in front the Guyana School of Agriculture bridge just a few blocks from the NAREI gate.

They built a road in Agriculture Road, yet on their way in the road of about two miles long they left over 30 pot holes, some huge and some smaller. Even on their way out they just left all these holes and they are the road builders. They just put a blind eye to this road because of their personal laziness and incompetence.

I guess the administrators at NAREI didn’t reminded them of these pot-holes because they probably felt that these guys building these substandard roads would have used their common sense and sealed these pot-holes with some brick and bitumen. They were shocked to know these pot holes are left, which are getting bigger daily with the rains.

When it rains these holes are filled and drivers unknowingly drop into these holes leading to accidents and serious vehicular damage, even injuring the drivers and passengers because these pot-holes are very deep.

Just about ten days ago another set of road builders came to build a new road through Market Street that leads to the Mon Repos and BV NDC. They were no better. They did the same, they left all these pot-holes and just built the road through Market Street.

This Agriculture Road is just a few years old and it’s breaking up gradually because no one seems to care at the NDC or NAREI, they just drive on the road. Most of our roads are badly damaged because no one is maintaining them.

What I see in this country is we left things to be destroyed when it could have been rescued and repaired before its complete destruction.

Only when the Agriculture Minister coming to the Guyana School of Agriculture or the President I will see those at NAREI or the NDC hustling to throw some sand in these pot-holes. Why hustle to build when someone in authority is coming? These educated folks can make representation to the Ministry of Public Works to resurface the bad spots in this road but they just put a blind eye to it until it gets worse.

Another issue I see in this Agriculture Road is residents throwing their garbage in the trench. Just in front the Market Street not far from the GWI tank residents living their dump all their garbage just at the end of Market Street that leads to the NDC. I wonder if the chairman and those working at the NDC put a blind eye to this pubic menace from these residents, and if they would not serve them a notice for ‘’littering’’ and take them to court.

School children walk this road daily and have to inhale the stench from this pile of garbage and the same residents who live opposite this garbage heap have to inhale the stench but they have become accustomed to this filth, it doesn’t bother them much.

Speeding is another issue in this Road that needs some speed-bumps, over five people were already killed in this Road including an eight-year-old-boy that was struck dead by a speeding car just in front my house a year ago.

Traffic police should be in this road and a speed limit sign should be erected to protect the lives of people from crazy drivers who speed as if they are at the racing track.

I am calling on the Minister of Public Works to get Agriculture Road repaired and other relevant authorities to address this garbage dump by dealing with the residents living there who make this environment a living hell for those walking and driving on the road.

Yours truly,

Rev Gideon Cecil