Ali’s leadership has made Guyana recognisable globally

Dear Editor,
During the last four years, His Excellency, Honourable President Dr Irfaan Ali has emerged as one of the most respected, influential and spirited leaders regionally, hemispherical and globally, not to mention locally as well in this period. The Head of State has done an outstanding job in advancing the country’s development locally and its vital interests on the international stage, where he underscored the importance of unity and cooperation among nation-states on food security, energy security and for immediate action to combat climate change, which if left unchecked could have a negative impact on the world. At almost all international forums, His Excellency has passionately and unequivocally stated that for the good of our children and grandchildren, we must leave the world much better than we inherited it.
On several occasions, President Dr Ali has affirmed that the Government and people of Guyana are committed to a peaceful world, to the rule of law, respect for democracy, an end to human rights violations and a reduction of poverty that exists among more than 800 million people, mostly in Africa. He reiterated Guyana’s dedication and duty to fulfil its responsibilities and has encouraged the leaders of other countries, especially those in the Global North countries to do likewise. It is worth mentioning that prior to 2020, Guyana was hardly known or recognised internationally, but thanks to His Excellency, today, Guyana is well-known and acknowledged throughout the world mainly thanks to its huge oil reserves, its highest GDP and having the fastest-growing economy.
Regionally, the President has called on the leaders of Caricom to actively embrace a “One Caribbean” for its unique culture, enduring unity, collaboration, and an abundance of resources which are integral to the development of the Region. He stressed the need for the Region to expand its agriculture sector, reduce its food imports, invest in human development, promote peace and stability and to make sure the Region remains a zone of peace.
President Dr Ali’s leadership in the Region did not go unnoticed. The Guyanese Head of State was commended for his leadership and vision for the prosperity of Guyana, and a prosperous and peaceful Caribbean, as well as his unwavering commitment to nation-building and for bringing awareness to food insecurity and the impact of climate change especially on the developing countries. Dr Ali is perhaps the most fearless and impressive leader Guyana has ever had since gaining Independence in May 1966. His superb leadership skills and talents were recognised on Thursday, April 18, 2024, by the University of the West Indies (UWI) which conferred on him the prestigious Legacy Award Class of 2024 at the American Foundation for the UWI 27th Annual Awards Gala in New York City. It seemed that Dr Ali is the first recipient as the Head of State of Guyana in recent times to have received this venerated award.
In his acceptance speech, President Dr Mohammed Irfaan Ali speaking truth to power thanked the organisers of UWI for the award. He told the dignitaries at the Gala that he was deeply indebted to the people of Guyana, whose resilience and generosity of spirit have inspired him to dedicate his entire life to a career in public service. And he has no regrets. He delved into the subject of being philanthropic and has showed consideration for those who are less prosperous and are suffering, and remarked that the prosperity of Guyana must also be the prosperity for the Caribbean region.
The Head of State spoke of the enormous impact of centuries of colonisation on the Caribbean and has called for reparations from those responsible for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. He commended the efforts of the University of the West Indies in promoting this agenda and has categorically stated that an apology is not enough for the mental trauma and suffering that Africans have endured during the more-than-400 years of the most barbaric, inhumane and merciless acts associated with the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. President Ali’s leadership has made Guyana recognisable globally and has elevated the Republic to international status.

Dr Asquith Rose