All for…

…the (PNC) cause
Imagine, a Commissioner of Police and Head of Immigration signing off on Harmon’s enumeration of folks who supposedly voted even though they were out of the country, when they had to’ve known that assertion had no basis in reality. How can that schoolteacher who hadn’t travelled to “foreign” in five years be on our immigration records as having been out around March 2?? What does it say about their records, if in fact they did check the said records??
While they were at it, maybe they could have dug up the records of that Russian pencil-and-paper hacker whom Ramjattan claimed he’d nabbed and expelled??
Every party agent observing the recount has reported that the APNU agents are simply plucking numbers at random from the list of electors from the boxes under scrutiny. How could their “field agents” have received such consistent misinformation from “relatives and friends”? In one instance, the PNC’s REO for Reg 3 was called out as a “migrant” voter – even though she provided evidence of her voting for herself. Didn’t their “field agents” know this very high-profile party person, and know they would be embarrassing her??
But, to return to the question posed above, we’re seeing beyond a scintilla of doubt how Granger and the PNC have followed in the footsteps of their founder- leader Forbes Burnham and subverted the professionalism of state institutions. With the Immigration Dept, as soon as the 2015 elections were over, Granger hived it off from Home Affairs Minister Ramjattan (renamed “Public Security”) and handed it to Winston Felix, who’d been heavily compromised as a PNC operative when he was the CoP. Felix would approve any PNC hanky-panky.
And we arrive at the Police Commish. We should all remember that the entire top brass of the Police Force was decapitated in one fell swoop after Granger appointed a one-man CoI to investigate why an “assassination plot” against him wasn’t investigated “more diligently”. Never mind that the incumbents’ professional opinion was that the whole affair was a tempest in a teapot. It was just a ruse for Granger to have his own way and have all officers of the Disciplined Forces swear personal loyalty to him – like they’d done for Burnham.
We saw how Granger had also corrupted GECOM, and if we were to scratch the surface of any state institution, we’d discover the rot that has been introduced. It will be impossible for any new administration to accomplish any initiative in such a set-up. And this, of course, creates a dilemma for the PPP when they try to clean up matters.
“Ethnic cleansing!!” shall be the cry, as it was in 1992!

…sharing the corn
It’s remarkable how the PNC claimed to be Marxist under Burnham, but didn’t accept Marx’s position that the society had to undergo a capitalist phase so that wealth could be accumulated from the most efficient production mechanism mankind had ever experienced – which could then be shared after proletariats take over. He insisted he’d share immediately using some cockamamie “cooperative socialism” strategy he insisted was native to all our peoples during colonialism!!
The moment Granger took office, lo and behold, he didn’t even introduce a cover, like Burnham’s cooperative panacea, but plunged immediately into sharing the corn to his supporters; and feigned ignorance when business activity fell into the doldrums and money ceased circulating. Take his closure of half the sugar industry. While he allocated billions and billions in grants to African-Guyanese villages to resuscitate agriculture, he borrowed $30 billion on sugar assets, but refused to use it to support the fired workers to get into agriculture and also produce. In the meantime, the communities around the closed estates imploded.
But maybe they don’t need corn?

…opening up
The lockdown was extended to June 17. Is it a coincidence that the final results of the recount have to be announced the day before?? Or is it to permit disgruntled losers to express themselves in the streets?