All talk…

…by G-20 on Climate Change
Some folks in Guyana really are delusional about their importance in the world. They eat up the platitudes emanating from up north on their issues du jour, and jump into action like Tasmanian Devils!! But they studiously refuse to acknowledge that they’re simply being “cranked up” – as we say in Guyana – because the big countries that made the sanctimonious calls have moved on to whatever serves their interests!! And it’s ALWAYS the BIG countries -epitomised by their exclusive G-20 Club, that makes the moralistic calls!!
For decades, the small countries – which are the VAST majority of the world – have been trying to get a forum to air their perspectives on some of the same issues raised by G-20. But they all went for naught…like in “for nought” – meaning zero!! Remember “Group of 77 and China”? Yes…the same one at the UN that the PNC three years ago paid US$1 million for Guyana to chair. Has it ever said anything that was worth more than a bucket of warm spit to the rest of the world??
Anyhow, G20 just met in Italy, and were supposed to agree on what they’ll be doing on their self-defined key issue of the age – “climate change”. In 2015, they’d sent their representatives to the granddaddy of all meetings on the subject – COP 25 at Paris – and set targets and timelines for action. For example, they were supposed – along with the rest of the world – to phase out the use of fossil fuels – especially coal – and transition to renewables. They were also supposed to contribute hundreds of US$ billions to countries threatened by rising seas and such like.
It’s this agenda that’s been picked up by the “woke” chatterati in Guyana, who’d have us leave our oil under the Atlantic – for the “good of the planet”! But they should real the reports coming out from Italy on the G-20 meeting – if they have been asleep since COP 25. These countries are responsible for 85% of the world’s present pollution – and almost ALL of it since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago. They’d committed to contribute US$100 BILLION EVERY YEAR since 2009, and guess what?? That’s right…they haven’t even given peanuts!!
The point your Eyewitness wants to make is this: before we try to save the planet, let’s develop a sense of proportion. And the countries that caused the pollution, and are still causing it, can’t be let off the hook. For ourselves, we’re already a net carbon sink, even if our carbon footprint from the gas-to-shore project were to be increased by HUNDREDS of times!!
Drill baby, drill!!

…and hot air, says Granger
So who says there’s a movement within the PNC’s CEC to remove Granger as leader of the PNC?? It’s all a bunch of “phantoms”, says the Sanctimonious One. He came down from on high via his in-house production, “Public Interest”, to address various reports in the press on the subject. He insisted there were no motions moved against him when the CEC met last Thursday.
The man – who’d insisted he knew more about the Constitution of Guyana than the High Court and the CCJ – is now invoking the legal philosophy of natural law and the common law against those phantoms who want to depose him. He invoked the principle of the “right to be heard” by his detractors, who should directly confront him face to face. If he’d listened to his mentor Burnham a bit closer, he might’ve used the Latin phrase “auditor alterem partem!”
This from a man who’d deny the Guyanese people their right to be heard via their ballots!!

…but the red suits stay!!
Some people really have no shame. Imagine, complaining about the track suits of our Olympic athletes because they’re the same colour as the PPP’s flag, when they kept silent when GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS were painted in the PNC’s colours!!