Allicock scheduled to travel to Ecuador for training

…boxer’s sanctions lifted

It is often said that “the best apology is changed behaviour”, and this seems to have been the endeavour of one of Guyana’s most promising young boxers, Keevin Allicock, over the past two weeks.

Keevin Allicock

Consequently, sanctions imposed on him in terms of overseas training and receipt of a monthly stipend from the Guyana Olympic Association have been lifted by recommendation of Guyana Amateur Boxing Association President, Steve Ninvalle.
Allicock has now been afforded opportunity, accompanied by his training coach, to attend a top notch training camp to be held in Ecuador from June 16 to July 6. The pugilist will there improve his preparation for the Pan American Games to be held in July as he trains with the best of the best boxers from Cuba, Chile and the host nation.
It would appear that a figurative ‘slap on the wrist’ was all that Allicock needed to get him to realise the importance of his local training regimen ahead of one of his biggest international engagements. Two weeks ago, Allicock had found himself proverbially between a rock and a hard place after he was sanctioned for missing more than 50 per cent of his training sessions with Cuban Coach Francisco Roldan.
However, his attitude has since changed, and this was revealed in a letter dispatched by the GABA to K.A Juman-Yassin, President of the Guyana Olympic Association. In that letter, it was disclosed that, since May 26, Allicock has not missed a training session, and “has assumed the role of a focused athlete cognisant of the task at hand”.
“Mr. Puig (Cuba Boxing Association president) has extended an invitation to Guyana to have Allicock train with the Senior Cuba side that is preparing for the Pan Am Games. I have also had detailed discussion with the president of the Ecuador Boxing Association, Alex Gonzales, who has assured that the altitude in Ecuador and training at his country’s high performance centre will enhance Mr. Allicock’s training and preparation for the Pan Am Games,” Ninvalle detailed in the letter mentioned above.
The GABA has extended gratitude to the Guyana Olympic Association for their assistance and support in handling the issue.
Two weeks ago, a letter to the GOA from GABA President Ninvalle had suggested that Allicock’s international training and stipend be withheld owing to the boxer’s lackadaisical approach to training. (Jemima Holmes)