An open letter to the President

Dear Mr President,
Firstly I hope for and wish you strength to do what must be done over the coming weeks, months and years of your tenure as President.
I LOVE my country, feel extremely privileged to work where I do, with amazing colleagues and was lucky enough to have parents who helped me further my education.
That being said, as a young professional who made the choice to come back home and try to make a contribution to my country; I am so disheartened and frustrated to the point of tears about what is happening in Guyana today.
Your people are hurting: they are in pain, and they are trying to make you see this. I say YOUR people, because you are the head of our country; it’s YOUR ministers that have made the decisions that are causing your people pain; it’s YOUR voice that is noticeably absent from the edicts being passed down to the people. Do you plan on waiting until your Ministers make a tangled mess of these situations, and then you’ll come in to save us? Is that the plan?
Logically, I know that YOU can’t fix everything, and we don’t expect you to. BUT, you have a golden opportunity to look outside your window, read the papers, look into the faces of the people who voted for you, the faces of those who didn’t but matter equally, and see their pain. Start thinking logically, and please start listening to your people. They matter….all of them.

Annalise Bayney, MSc
Wildlife Biologist