Anti-oil activists epitomize ‘give them an inch and they will want a yard’ perfectly

Dear Editor,
The Capping Stack is here, and many are expressing joy. Allow me to be the voice for the other side of this coin: the decision to park a Capping Stack in Guyana was an example of Government caving in to pressure from the local, ever-fearful, anti-oil environmental ‘activists’ at the expense of the Guyanese people.
Guyana’s wells were adequately protected by subscription to the same stack just parked in Houston or Sao Paulo. It was probably better than it being based locally, as those ports are not subject to the tides, and the level of competence of the local workforce (Guyanese) is untested. Given what obtains to date in the emergency services, where we never have a firetruck, or when we have the truck but it has no water etc., I have grave doubts about our ability and commitment. I sincerely hope we never have to find out.
Editor, I do hope that our Government(s) does not/do not continue along this line of appeasement at the expense of the Guyanese people, for there is still the demand for ‘unlimited insurance’ to contend with. While the Capping Stack parking will cost us a few million USD annually, unlimited insurance would decimate our earnings by hiking the cost of oil production by hundreds of millions annually.
The anti-oil activists epitomize ‘give them an inch and they will want a yard’ perfectly.

Robin Singh