APNU/AFC challenged to defend their manifesto promises

Dear Editor,
Many promises in the APNU and AFC political manifestos were designed to attract votes from a wide cross-section of the population but essentially to solidify and secure their hard-core support base. Many of the promises made are not honoured faithfully by the political party since elected to govern.
Deviation from some of these promises is replaced by actions of partisan and political “selfish, self- interest”.
The leaders of the APNU/AFC Government, and party leaders, are called upon and challenged to justify and defend their policies and decisions to this nation during their election campaigning. The following two issues are to be addressed by APNU/AFC politicians:
Substantial remuneration increases to itself:
* They must justify their decision that within weeks of its assumption of government, it awarded itself (Executive and National Assembly) some 50% salary increases, substantial remuneration, and other benefits to the Executive – not widely known. This action is a glaring conflict of interest, ignoring other impartial means of determining the benefits through the recommendations of an independent body for parliamentary approval.
Constitutional reform:
* They must explain to this nation why they ignore the calls and promise for a more inclusive and broad-based government through major constitutional changes and amendments for shared governance and power-sharing, given the context of deep-rooted ethnic and political party nexus, so as to build long-term national governance consensus in the national interest.

With thanks,
Joshua Singh