APNU/AFC party left the PPP/C party overburdened with an uphill task

Dear Editor,
It is only day three, and you get the feeling that the APNU/AFC Party, although conceding reluctantly, still want Guyanese to feel they are the ones really in power.
The embedded characteristics of a defiant PNC Party unhesitatingly supersedes any modicum of modesty to unleash their unlimited reservation in perpetrating the true nature of irrational behaviour. Mr. Harmon, (aka Hammy’s whipping boy), mentioned the other day about pressing for the creation of a new voters’ list for the next general and regional elections, and a demand to ensure a proper census for voters to produce an authentic voters’ list. He also spoke about the election petition that will bring about an election much quicker, because the evidence is there, and therefore this should not be a five-year term. He, unchristian like, aborted the baby before its birth, taking into account that there has been no inauguration ceremony as yet, and a complete declaration of the cabinet’s list. The PNC Party is already on a warpath, declaring war on its immediate election campaign trail. This public declaration so soon manifests its true, ultimate motive for conceding, and therefore, this false notion of “inclusivity talk” and call for peace is superficially “hogwash.” How else can one interpret this violent outburst so soon? A transition period is still in process and the intention is quite transparent!
This stigma of dogmatism and pragmatism is inculcated in a doctrine of cultural futility that is so reflective in the sad composition of its current framework, entrusted in the wily hands of modern uncivility, tantamount to an ancient era of educated hypocrisy. Unfortunately, this sad state of irresolute deniability will not truncate overnight, and an unresolved indecisiveness will protract an uncomfortable existential stay that will entertain no room for immediate remorse nor accommodate the inadequacy of complacency. Such is the unholy state of affairs of a dejected and rejected PNC Party that metamorphosed its innate quality by first hiding behind the ambit of PNC-R, then exposing its deadly tentacles as PNC – R1G (its true hereditary espoused) and then to cower its extinct, redressed as APNU.
The element of surprise may again produce a spectrum of the futuristic contemplation for an intrinsic disguise, yet again to mirror a reflection of deception under the guise of congenial banality under the pretext of sublime indifference! Ole people say, “yu can’t straighten a bent branch from an old tree.” It’s already on its way leaning to the ground. If you try to do so, the tendency is it will break!
Listening to Mr. Ramjattan on the air on Monday night was a “janjat” (headache) by itself. His irritating awkwardness superimposes an arrogance for dictatorial narrow-mindedness and an influx of proud haughtiness. No wonder the cold war between himself and Mr. Nagamootoo would spill into the streets and spell the fragmentation of the shaky AFC Party, rupturing an unhealed wound that will provoke a cancerous contagiousness within the flock.
Brainstorming “dissolve to resolve” is already on the table, and “how to swim with the sharks” may not prove to be one of the available options. The AFC Party is indeed “a drowning man holding on to a straw,” and the boastfulness of a timid braggart coupled with the silence from a butchered “dead meat” invites Isaias to temporarily soft land and then immediately whip itself out to the wilderness in the sea, losing its teeth and fangs.
Vying for a 70-30 allocation is a resurrection of the dead and an exercise in futility, to be unleashed by dogged bullishness and “gwan da side.” The only hope for aspiration was the valour of the indomitable countenance of Mr. Dominic Gaskin, who stood his ground to divorce himself from the vileness and bile of the APNU/AFC Party. He categorically called out his Party’s dishonesty and fraudulence, while insisting that the will of the people be honoured by accepting the election recount result. Despite being the son-in-law of the then caretaker president, he said what he wanted to say to lend clarity to APNU/AFC Party’s indignity and the creditable recount result, and “who vex vex.”
The totally submerged existence of Rodney’s WPA, once a fighting force as a “winning possible alternative,” is totally insignificant in contribution and retribution. Poetic justice is stymied by the undulating hands of back stabbers incorporating the disillusion of ideological bigotry. The philosophy of professing the practice of ideal principles is a concept of a lost art. “Not until death shall we part,” and so the principles, philosophy and practice departed with an uncanny demise. Will there be the need for a massive infrastructure to retain its individuality, or will there be a surrender to merge within a master’s fold and relinquish Rodneyism in order to survive? A shift of operation tells a lot! The JFAP was significantly last heard from proudly shouting “enough is enough”, and much credit was attributed to the Mr. CN Sharma for finding a voice in defense of honesty and integrity, a trait sadly missing from the other coalesced parties. The Party’s leader was brave and brazen to speak outright and defy the he-haw tune of the APNU/AFC Party and the then leader. He was courageous to face the moment of truth to uphold a righteous stand and to support the PPP/C Party, while denouncing his own Party and leader. Did that effect affect the value of a moulded togetherness? Will a cause and effect question its continuous relevance within and without?
The “joinder” parties, ANUG/LJP/TNM, will be seen in parliament through the modicum of a rotating seat occupier. A third party tangible voice with significant effect will be heard for the first time with a welcoming freshness of youth, vigour, substance and realistic perceptiveness, vociferously placing each issue in the right perspective, ready, willing and able to challenge the PPP/C Party and the opposition, not to walk a thin line, but to accurately resolve the subject matter fairly and efficiently. All eyes will be on the remaining opposition parties, no way miniature in size because they perpetually maintained a united front and a harmonious voice, echoing the sentiments of the PPP/C Party and opposing the band of rebels who continuously thwarted the will of the people. Will they fade into oblivion now, or will they maintain substantive presence, going forward in the same vein to monitor each development and to function meaningfully with the aims and objectives of each of the party?
The war may be over, lost by the APNU/AFC Party, but the battle for democracy still marches on under a different banner, the PPP/C Party. It now takes on a new dimension with different players occupying reversed seats. There is no complacency for victory, because Guyana now has to make up for “down time.” The time lost is detrimental to the economy of this country, and the careless, reckless and heartless attitude adopted and promoted by the APNU/AFC Party certainly certified and defined the nature of that party. The outcome, of course, is a bankrupt economy and a state of despair, disaster, dereliction, destruction and desperation.
But this week is a new awakening, with another beginning under a new watch, and, it’s heartening to acknowledge all the accolades coming in. What is commendable is that the PPP/C Party started to work from day one, and celebration has taken a back seat. All eyes are definitely focused on them each and every second and in each and every direction. The plate is filled and the cup is overflowing, but not with food and drink, but with problems and poisons.
Again, a hearty ‘thank you’ from all Guyanese for the national and international community, individuals and organizations who have all contributed to making democracy a reality once again in Guyana, and to take the knee off the neck of the population. Guyana certainly needs to once again enjoy the freshness of the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, and not be bottled by any entity.
Guyanese rest as one people, one nation, one destiny, looking forward to a difference in each and every day. The pressure is on, and the APNU/AFC Party demitted office, leaving the PPP/C Party overburdened with an uphill task. Congratulations again to the PPP/C Party, and good luck.

Jai Lall