APNU/AFC “knocking from pillar to post” – Rohee

The A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) has been criticised by People’s

PPP/C General Secretary Clement Rohee
PPP/C General Secretary Clement Rohee

Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary Clement Rohee for its abysmal failure to implement a clear-cut economic plan and social model to improve the livelihood of the Guyanese working class.
“The APNU+AFC coalition administration has been knocking from pillar to post in an aimless attempt to find an appropriate development model to build on what the PPP/C left behind for the advancement of the socio-economic development for Guyana. Thus far, it has failed ignominiously to do so,” he told a news conference at Freedom House Monday.
During the press conference Monday morning, Rohee concluded that the government has no interest in focusing on economic and social development but rather on meaningless projects including beautification and celebratory initiatives.
“The Granger administration for its part, rather than focusing on economic and social development to benefit the Guyanese working people, resorts to stealing votes at both the General and Regional as well as the Local Government Elections, beautification, celebratory and alternative capital projects in an effort to show that they are different from the PPP/C as if such projects really matter,” Rohee stated.
Rohee also posited that the persistent corruption scandals rocking the Granger administration has resulted in growing disillusionment and dissatisfaction on the part of its own supporters in particular and the Guyanese people in general.
He said the socio-economic model based on the programmes and policies of the PPP/C served to sustain persistent growth rates resulting in consistent improvement in the lives of the Guyanese working people in general but more particularly, for single-parents, pensioners, young Amerindians and workers in general.
Rohee reminded that President David Granger had promised to craft a long-term national economic strategy but to date, nothing of the sort has been presented.
“Nothing of the sort has come to pass though almost one year is nearing with the APNU+AFC in government. Instead, all that has happened is the snatching of votes from the electorate, the monstrous salary increases, racial and political discrimination, corruption scandals, victimisation and the persistent witch-hunting of persons who do not please the Granger administration politically nor ethnically,” Rohee stated.
He also reminded that during his inauguration, President Granger had stated, “The fight against poverty cannot be won through handouts but through providing jobs.”
But Rohee pointed out that contrary to his declaration, “Granger himself has been handing out buses, bicycles and boots while at the same time neglecting large numbers of young people, some of whom “Voted like a Boss” hoping for change but who, much to their regret have not seen any benefits coming their way since the APNU+AFC assumed office.”
And Rohee predicted that nothing better will come once the APNU+AFC continues to govern the nation.