Appeal Court erred in “What is a majority”

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Appeal Court decision: 3 appeal Judges; Decision 2: that NCM not validly passed; and 1 that the No-confidence Motion (NCM) validly passed.
Now is the 2 Judges a majority; should a majority decision have been required: the Appeal Court to apply the same reasoning and logic to their decision as they applied to the NCM.
The 2 v 1 = 3 divided by 2 = 1.5. As you cannot have a 1/2 a Judge, then round up to 2 and add 1 = 3. So the Appeal Court ruling should have required 3 votes to pass and not 2.
As Justice Persaud voted against, and his vote is require to give a majority; why was this treated as a vote deeming the NCM not validly passed? The Appeal Court has erred in not applying the same logic and Maths to their decision as they applied to the NCM.

Best regards,
Peter Douglas