Aracari to host Annual New Year’s Eve Dinner and Ball

As we ready for a splendid 2019 resorts, hotels and other business are caught up in the festiveness, trying to entice their supporters.
The Aracari Resort will not be left out of the festivities, and as such they are already promoting a ravishing New Year’s Eve Dinner and Ball event. Slated for December 31, 2018 at 19:00 hrs (at Poolside Auditorium) this event will indeed be a gala affair, with live presentations from several local artistes.
Patrons are urged to be seated early for the sizzling showcase and to win from many fantastic giveaways that will be made available by the resort’s management.
Patrons can either cash in on the event tickets for a single person at $7000 which allows free entrance to the ball, a three course dinner, and wine, or the package for couples set at $12,000.
That aside, persons can make the experience even better by purchasing a $22,000 ticket which allows entrance to the ball, dinner for two, and a well decorated Luxury Deluxe Room with flower petals and complimentary champagne.
Interested persons can call telephone numbers 264-2945 or 663-5254, 613-4361 to make reservations for tickets and more information.