Armageddon Clash 2019 for Saturday

In what is expected to be the biggest sound clash in Guyana, Empire Media Inc is set to host Armageddon Clash 2019 on Saturday, January 26 at the National Park tarmac.
The sound clash industry has seen a passion for this form of entertainment, and fans have given tremendous support to the events over the past three years.
The organisers have upped the bar this year and fans can expect an explosion of musical war when six sound systems battle for $1 million, a trophy and one year’s bragging rights.
Doing battle will be Kanabis Sound out of Antigua, Notorious International, Slingerz Family, Exodus Nuclear, Trinity Sound, and Afrikan Vybz. There will be five rounds in the competition.
Rules of the competition:
Round 1: Introduction Round
Anything goes, Dubplates & 45’s, no eliminations
Round 2:  Unleash the Beast
Anything goes, Dubplates & 45’s, one elimination
Round 3: Anything goes, Dubplates & 45’s, two eliminations
Round 4: Challenge Round – one elimination
There are four categories in this round and including ‘Badman’ tunes, ‘Ganja’ tunes, ‘girls’ tunes and ‘God Bless’ or ‘righteous’ tunes.
The DJs remaining will pull a category and will play from that for five minutes.
Round 5 (1st to win 5 tunes or rounds): Dub for Dub, Dubplates only. Tunes must feature a singer or vocalist, but combinations can be played.
The Armageddon Sound Clash will be judged by a show of hands by the fans – not noise, while the rules will be enforced by the host. Early juggling will be provided by Evolution Fraternity, One Voice Family, Determine Immortal Sound and Sel Shaq Sound.
Tickets for the event are $2000 and are available at: Grill Kings (Mandela Ave); Siderz Music Centre; Nigel’s Supermarket Depot; Ingrid’s Mackeson Bar (Plaisance); Guinness Bar (Plaisance); Wings & Things (Mandela Ave & Trench Road) and Digicel (Stabroek Market).
For more information you can check the Facebook page “Empire Media Inc” or call 680-6720 or Whatsapp 862-233-0494.