Armed bandit apprehended after robbing businessman, Police

An armed bandit and his accomplices were arrested following an armed robbery committed on a 44-year-old businessman and a 30-year-old Police Officer on Thursday.
Police stated that the businessman and the Police rank were at a construction site at Goed Intent, West Bank Demerara (WBD), when they were approached by a man who began to ask questions about the ongoing works.
The suspect was then invited into the house and as such, he used the opportunity to hold the two men at gunpoint and relieved them of their valuables including mobile phones, jewellery and cash.
The armed man reportedly escaped with one gold band, one Samsung cellular phone, one Blu cellular phone and one wallet containing $114,000 and another $21,000 which was in the man’s pocket.
The suspect, in an attempt to escape, ran into a nearby yard and subsequently joined a motor car. In retaliation, the victims went after him and managed to intercept the car.
At that time, the suspect exited the car brandishing a gun as he ran into another yard in the area. The area was surrounded by residents and the Police were summoned.
Upon their arrival, the Police searched the area and the bandit was found hiding in the yard. The cash, phones and jewellery were found in his possession. He was arrested and taken to the Wales Police Station where he was placed in custody.
Police have also detained two men who were also in the car when it was intercepted. An investigation is underway.