Artistes set Lethem on fire at All-Stars Mash concert

The Mashramani “All-Stars Concert”, on Saturday evening left the residents of Lethem and surrounding communities clamouring for more. The performers captivated the audience with their boundless energy and songs on social issues, politics and the economy among others.

Melissa “Vanilla” Roberts

Hosted by the Ministry of Presidency’s Department of Social Cohesion at the Tabatinga Sports Complex Ground, the show featured artistes like Michelle “Big Red” King, Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo, Melissa “Vanilla” Roberts, Reigning Soca Monarch Brandon Harding and Reigning Chutney Monarch Bunty Singh and Kwasi Ace among others.
Social Cohesion Minister Dr George Norton told the residents that the initiative is aimed at ensuring nationwide inclusion in the Mashramani festivities.
“We had activities in Region One, Two, Six, Five and Nine here tonight. This is the idea to take the celebration to the different regions so that you can be part and parcel of what everybody is enjoying in Guyana. We look forward to seeing you in the capital city…” he said.
The Minister said that he was impressed with the turnout at the event and the participation between the singers and audience who thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Brandon Harding

Regional Chairman Brian Allicock noted his satisfaction with the support shown by residents.
According to Allicock, discussions are ongoing to host similar events in Lethem in the future. Minister Norton also gave his nod of approval to this move.
Last year’s Calypso semi-finals were hosted for the first time in Lethem and received rave reviews from the spectators. In previous years calypso competitions were held in the capital city, Georgetown, which meant hinterland communities missed being entertained by this extraordinary event
As Mashramani activities continue across the country, persons are invited to attend the Banks Calyspo Semi-Final at Union No 53 Village Community Centre, the Carib Soca Monarch Semi-Finals at the Linden-Georgetown Municipal Bus Park and the Chutney Dance Competition in Region Three.