Bacchanal Wednesday new feature for Jamzone 2017

This year, Jamzone turns 17 and the celebrations are expected to be epic with two major events to be held by the Hit and Jam Entertainment family.
For the first time, there will be a Bacchanal Wednesday, a concept and brain child of Soca Sensation, Dextra out of Trinidad and Tobago.
This event is normally hosted during carnival celebrations in Trinidad and the artistes thought it would be a good experience to introduce it to the Guyanese soca junkies.
It will be one night, 20 soca artistes and one venue that will be transformed into a carnival city. In the line-up are Reigning Chutney Monarch, Ravi B; former International Chutney Monarch KI; The queen of Bacchanal, Dextra; Nadia Batson; Kerry John; Orlando Octane; Barbados Soca Queen, Allison Hinds; Denise Blefon; Freezie; Falty; Swappy and others.
In the local line-up is Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo; Temika Marshall; Michelle “Big Red” King; Kwasi “Ace” Edmondson; Shelly G and other top Guyanese artistes. Tickets for the event can be won during various promotions by GTT and Stag. Bacchanal Wednesday is set for August 23 at a venue to be announced.
However, the celebrations continue on Sunday, August 27, at the Hits and Jams Water World, Providence, East Bank Demerara. The event will take the form of a May fair and will include the popular Maypole plaiting by members of the Gold Rush Dance Troupe out of the East Coast of Demerara.
In addition, there will be over $500,000 to be won in games and other activities that will be at the beach jam. Another feature this year will be a Jamzone Jingle competition where the not so recognised artistes can submit a jingle and these will be played on BOOM FM during a special segment.
During this segment, the public will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite jingle and the top three winners will have a chance to perform at the Jamzone Beach Party. These are two events that you cannot miss. Mark the dates, August 23 and August 27.