BaiShanLin and Movie Towne Malls

Dear Editor,
Last night, I was at the airport to pick up my wife, I saw facing the arriving guests a very large billboard advertising BaiShanLin International Mall. As the Chairman of MCG Investments Inc, the owners of the Giftland Mall, I am concerned and I am kindly publicly requesting from the Finance Ministry and the GRA Commissioner, who I do not hold accountable in any way, the details of these two mentioned investments which were concluded before their control of these two Government departments. For the record, Giftland Mall received no concessions for anything from the previous Administration in terms of duty-free and VAT waivers, tax holidays, tax exemptions of any sort, etc. In fairness to our investment and parity between local investment and international enterprises such as these, it is important that a level playing field is had.
I would find it abhorrent if it is a case that multibillion-dollar international companies should be treated with preferential treatment and unfair trading advantages over local companies. I eagerly await a response from the two mentioned departments.

With regards,
Roy Beepat
Giftland Group