Bandit caught, beaten in foiled Albouystown robbery

The attempted robbery on a James Street, Albuoystown, Georgetown home was foiled in the wee hours of Tuesday morning when the alleged bandit was caught as he was about to enter through a window and given a justified thrashing.
A neighbour told Guyana Times that rustling sounds were heard at about 01:10h which alerted the owner.
By then, an inspection was made and the 25-year-old man was caught between the windows as he struggled to enter the house. The suspect attempted to break the window in his bid to escape but was caught by occupants of the house and dealt a sound trashing.
“I hear the sound and thinking somebody trying to get in the house. My room was right by the window so when I peep through, I see the man climbing by the window. The same time Enid [the proprietor] like she wake up and she and the grandson start beating he,” the woman explained.
“Apparently, they went beating he while he was by the window so he couldn’t escape. Like the window was too small for him to pass through. By God’s grace, they see him or else I don’t know what were to happen to them,” she added.
When Police ranks arrived at the scene, the suspect was still trapped in the window and was visibly wounded. He was removed and handed over to the police as investigations are continuing.