Bandit killed during botched robbery

A suspected bandit was shot and killed while three of his accomplices were nabbed on Saturday during a failed armed robbery on a city diamond dealership.
The incident occurred at about 12:10h at Kay’s Diamond Enterprise Ltd, a licensed trader of diamonds, which is located Lot 288 Middle and Thomas Streets, Georgetown.

Kay’s Diamond Enterprise Ltd where the attempted robbery occurred on Saturday

The dead man has since been identified as 25-year-old Henry Johanison, a miner. Guyana Times understands the man was shot and killed inside the building after he attempted to carry out a robbery.
Police in a subsequent statement said the diamond dealership is owned and managed by a male caucasian, who told investigators that he received a phone call from Johanison on Saturday morning. He said the man indicated that he wanted to buy diamonds and advised him to go to the office.
Johanison, the businessman said, arrived at the business establishment at about 12:03h and they had what he described as a “general” conversation before the now dead man asked to use the washroom.
“Upon his return from the washroom, Johanison pointed a pistol in the direction of owner who was sitting in his chair behind his desk in the office and told him not to move; but [the businessman] instinctively drew his licensed handgun and discharged several rounds in the direction of Johanison, who was struck in the upper part of his body and he fell [to the ground],” the Police said.
The matter was reported and Emergency Medical Technical (EMT) personnel were summoned and pronounced Johanison dead at the scene.
The Police said they recovered a 9mm pistol along with eight live matching rounds in the magazine and one round in the breech, which was allegedly in possession of the deceased. The weapon and ammunition have been lodged.
Meanwhile upon arrival at the scene, the Police observed a black Toyota Fielder wagon parked outside the premises with three male occupants.
The men are believed to be accomplices of Johanison and were allegedly awaiting his return, since they were unaware he had been killed inside the building, which is said to be sound proof.
A nearby resident told this newspaper she did not hear any gunshots coming from the building. The woman related that she only realised something was amiss when she heard loud voices outside her home and upon inspection, observed a number or armed Police Officers talking to the occupants in a vehicle.
“[The Police] were shouting “Come out the car!”. So I peered through the ventilation blocks and saw the Police, with their weapons drawn; they were spread out,” she recollected.
The neighbour further indicated that she went outside, and the Police began searching the vehicle and the three occupants were just standing around, “acting cool”.
She added that it was then that she heard that the men attempted to rob the diamond dealer and one was shot and killed.
Nevertheless, the Police said the vehicle in which the three suspects were in was impounded and the men were taken into custody to assist with further investigations.
Meanwhile, the body of the now dead miner, who is reportedly a known character to the authorities, was removed from the scene by undertakers and taken to the Lyken Funeral Home, where it awaits a post-mortem examination.