Battered woman charged for killing abusive lover

After years of suffering at the hands of her abusive husband, Lisa Hayley finally employed a weapon against her spouse during a squabble, and he eventually died from the ordeal.
Arraigned before a city magistrate on a murder charge on Thursday, the young mother’s plea was not required for the indictable charge, which detailed that on July 29, 2017, she unlawfully murdered Devon Ali in Queen Street, Kitty, Georgetown.
Hayley wept throughout the hearing, and her defence counsel told the court that his client had been embarrassed to disclose to anyone the situation she was enduring, but had recently gathered the courage to leave her partner, when tragedy followed.
According to media reports, the now deceased Devon Ali had not handled well his spouse’s decision to exit the relationship, and had reportedly turned up at the home of his former brother-in-law, where the accused was staying, armed with two sharp knives.
A confrontation had ensued, during which Lisa Hayley had managed to get hold of one of the weapons and had allegedly stabbed Devon Ali to the chest.
A remorseful Lisa Halley had reportedly told investigating officers that the deceased was the father of her children, and there was no mens rea (guilty mind or intention) on her part to end her former lover’s life.
Lisa Halley was placed on0,000 bail, and the matter was transferred before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan to be heard on Monday, August 7, 2017.