BCC revived with Chatterpaul as new President

After seven years of cricket inactivity in the town of Bartica, the situation came to a halt last Thursday when the Bartica Cricket Committee (BCC) was again constituted with the hosting of elections to identify its Executive Committee.
The eight clubs that make up the committee participated in the electoral congress, which was held at the St. Anthony’s Primary School and resulted in Budhesh Chatterpaul, who ran unopposed, being unanimously voted as the new President.
In the presence of two observers from the Essequibo Cricket Board and Vice President Alvin Johnson and Secretary Atto Christiani, the following persons were elected to the Executive Committee:
President: Budhesh Chatterpaul
Vice-President: Brian Bascom
Secretary: Tyron McIntyre
Treasurer: Keano Harry
Asst Secretary/Treasurer: Delroy McIntyre
On assuming the Presidency, Chatterpaul thanked all those who supported his bid to run for the presidency, and also promised a new approach to the administration and promotion of the sport in Bartica.

The new executive committee members posing after the elections

He said the new committee looks forward to working closely with all clubs, stakeholders, and past executives for the development of cricket.
“With the COVID-19 pandemic still greatly affecting how the game is being played, we will use this opportunity to help clubs to be properly structured, and will also approach the relevant authorities to have better infrastructure in place. Our first major project will be to construct a new cricket pitch, because at present we have no real pitch on which to play”, Chatterpaul added.
The clubs that now constitute the committee are: Pit Bull, Dogg Point, Rising Star, Cavaliers, Foreign Link, Agatash, Tyube Knight Rider and Byderabo. The Bartica Cricket Committee is affiliated to the Essequibo Cricket Board.