Beepats to build Marriott Four-Point Sheraton hotel, resort near CJIA

Beepats Distributing Company has announced that it would be entering the hotel industry with intention to establish a Marriott Four-Point Sheraton Airport Hotel and Resort in close proximity to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.
Dennis Beepat, the eldest son of Madho Beepat, who recently passed away, heads the Beepats Marketing and Distribution Company, which has been serving Guyana’s home needs for more than 65 years.

Beepats Marketing and Distribution Company, Dennis Beepat and CEO of GO-Invest, Peter Ramsaroop

Known for their Regent Street location, upon which it was established and then expanded into their Distribution Warehouse Centre in Sophia, the company is overseen by Jonathan and Kristofer, Dennis’s two sons, who hold different executive portfolios in the business today.
Dennis had a vision over 30 years ago, when he purchased a huge tract of land in proximity to the CJIA, that either his children or grandchildren would be the beneficiaries of a large-scale project in the future. Today that future has arrived with the steady growth of Guyana’s new oil industry and the promising expansion of the tourism industry, which is projected as one of the many ripple effects.
Beepats are aiming to utilise their 100-plus acres of land to create and develop a unique airport hotel and resort. They have partnered with Arthur Warren Consultants, who have secured their LOI from Marriott’s 4 Point Sheraton, among a few other four-star-rated hotels for this project. The resort is earmarked to have an official water amusement park accompanied by a host of activities such as ATV trails, bicycle trails, ziplining, and a lazy river.
Additionally, they aim to create a blue water. white sand lagoon on the property. This will be developed by a US firm. The airport hotel amenities will be similar to those of all four-star hotels with pool, gym, conference centre, restaurant et al catering to accommodate business personnel, airline crews and staff, diplomats, and other travellers.
The vision would allow the hotel to cater for the potential influx of visitors while providing a vacation destination for all Guyanese, Caribbean and foreign visitors to enjoy. The Beepats believe that the airport hotel and resort will become a hub for eco-tourism, where visitors can launch visits to all of Guyana’s other interior locations.
Jonathan Beepat, who is set to spearhead the Beepats hotel expansion project, stated: “We were very pleased and applaud the Government’s efforts in being transparent to issue the RFP for Hotel Projects for all Guyanese entrepreneurial minds to have this opportunity. We decided to take advantage of the vision which our father, Dennis, had begun in the acquiring of land in the Timehri area many years ago.
While we will be new to the hotel industry, we know and understand Guyana, as we have been rooted here for generations and are accustomed to its business climate. We will not be reinventing the wheel, but rather utilising our resource pool of partners in their respective fields that have the experience and knowledge of establishing and managing internationally-branded hotels, resorts, and amusement parks around the world.
“It will be a multi-million-dollar project, and we believe that we, too, can add value to the landscape for Guyanese and foreigners alike to enjoy in our beautiful country. We wanted to focus on providing value for our fellow citizens, and thus why we decided to create a resort with the many amenities such as the lazy river, water park, blue lagoon et al, so that Guyanese may have an international destination experience right in their own backyard.”