Being investigated…

…by flim-flam artistes
In American lingo, the “flim-flam man” is an old fixture: he plays the con game to swindle others out of their possessions. It was almost inevitable in such a vast country, being opened up by the rulers themselves swindling the native Indians out of their entire country!! So, in the intervening years, they’ve developed the practice into a veritable profession that turns the flim-flammers into heroes. Just look at the hit movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, and the hundreds that preceded and followed it!!
Well, looks like we have a number of new-age flim-flammers in town right now. In fact, in several towns; if we wanna be factual: Georgetown, New Amsterdam and Linden!! These are the folks who came in to conduct, they say, a “fact-finding mission” on claims emanating from a conference in Washington -organized by another flim-flammer who operates out of the Canarsie section of Brooklyn. The fact that the fella booked the “National Press Club” – for US$500 – and promised that members of the US Administration would be present, but who never showed because of “pressing engagements”, shows where he’s coming from!!
Anyhow, the leader of this “US delegation” isn’t even a State Representative, like some of the others; she’s just an EX-Georgia State Rep, who twice tried to get elected – unsuccessfully!! – to the next rung on the state ladder as “Secretary of State”!! Sounds big, doesn’t it?? But what exactly would a Secretary of State for the State of Georgia be able to do for Guyana – much less an ex-State Rep!? You figure it out!! What made the flim-flam game more obvious was when your Eyewitness revealed that the ex-Georgia Rep had been nominated for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE by no other than Roysdale Forde, the man who’s salivating to replace Norton as Opposition Leader!!
So, when the delegation got to Linden, they were met with some PPP supporters from the township, who started to question them as to their bona fides and mission. Now, this was certainly not what the Canarsie flim-flammer had in mind when he promised to burnish the delegation’s credentials as fighters for the Black cause!! The persons raising the uncomfortable questions, after all, were…erm…BLACK!! The Canarsie flim-flammer issued one of his patented, virulent denunciations: These were hooligans!! Criminal hooligans!! But more than that, his release claimed: “As usual, the PPP attackers PAID BLACK HOUSE SLAVES AND THUGS. This is what the PPP does. Use taxpayers’ dollars to pay African Guyanese house slaves to do the dirty work of PPP ethnic supremacists.”
Do these flim-flammers know that our National Hero Cuffy was a “house slave”?? Or, for that matter, so was Haiti’s Toussaint Louverture?? President Ali wisely blanked them for Saudi!!

…as allies
As Mad Maduro ratchets up his inflammatory rhetoric in our western border – and his referendum draws nigh – your Eyewitness has been emphasising that we gotta know who’ll be in our corner when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan. Some of you, dear readers, might think your Eyewitness has been too hard of the Yanks. But one thing you gotta hand those folks from “the land of the free and the home of the brave” is they state right up front that their goal’s always to further THEIR interests!!
In fact, that’s what makes them unique in the world – they don’t pretend that they have wings sprouting from their backs!! So, when your Eyewitness read that Biden just cut a deal with Xi when they met the other day in San Francisco – no, NOT in the Chinatown!! – on protesting for the rights of the Muslim Uyghurs to live, it just confirmed that we should follow the old Muslim proverb: “Believe in God, but tie your camel!!”

…for gun-running
Did you, dear reader, read that story about a barrel of guns and ammo shipped in from the state of Georgia? From one of Atlanta’s suburbs, to be precise? There’s a lot of Opposition supporters out there!!