Berbice 2-vehicle smash-up leaves 2 dead

Two men are now dead following an early morning accident along the Number One Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) on Tuesday.

The car in which the two dead men were travelling

Dead are Yujysteer Puran also called “Danny”, 26, of Crawford Street Rose Hall Town and Latchnam Sukhan, 20, of Ankerville Port Mourant, Berbice.

Dead: Latchnam Sukhan

Based on reports received, the men were occupants of motor car bearing registration number PSS 1682 which collided with motor lorry GZZ 4440. Sukhan was reportedly the driver of the car.
The car was reportedly driving along the Borlam Public Road, East Coast Berbice, and in the process of negotiating a right turn, the driver lost control, thus causing the vehicle to spin several times before colliding with the truck.
As a result of the collision, Sukhan and Puran received injuries. They were both taken from the wreckage by public-spirited citizens and ranks of the Guyana Fire Service in an unconscious condition.
Sukhan was escorted to New Amsterdam Public Hospital while Puran was escorted to Port Mourant Public Hospital where they were both pronounced dead on arrival.
The Police stated that the driver of the truck was arrested and he is assisting with the investigation. A breathalyser test was conducted on him but there were no traces of alcohol in his system.

Dead: Yujysteer Puran also called “Danny”

However, at the scene of the horrific accident, one man related that the car that was involved in the accident was racing with another car.
Surish Matthews, a porter attached to the truck involved in the accident, recalled seeing the two cars heading towards them at a fast rate of speed and as such, his driver stopped the vehicle.
“This thing happen at 3:27, while we coming, we see two cars coming round the turn; a black car and this red one. The black car pass the red one and he gone and the red car turn crossway on the road and the driver pull down the truck in the corner and all the time the red car coming and knock the truck crossway.”

The truck that the car collided with

The porter said shortly after the impact, the driver of the black car returned to the scene and said that it was his brother who was in the red vehicle. He then asked them to assist him in getting the injured men out of the mangled car.
According to the eyewitness, they could not get the passenger out of the wrecked car and had to wait until the Police and firefighters arrived at the scene.
Puran worked as a security officer with J’s Supermarket in New Amsterdam while Sukhan worked taxi in the evening.
Khowsilla Sukhan told Guyana Times that her grandson was out since he worked hire car in the nights. She recalled that on Monday evening, his brother who is also a taxi driver had asked him to assist him to make some spins.
“My grandson, he went and carry somebody to New Amsterdam and he said when he was coming back he see like it was an accident and he turn back and it look like his father car and when he go, he tell the truck man that is his brother,” the woman recounted.
Meanwhile, Puran would have left home after midnight to go to his girlfriend’s house but told his mother that he was going to take a few beers first.
According to Bebi Puran, she was asleep when the Police called and informed them about the accident.
“Soon after, he called back and said let us go to Port Mourant Hospital. When we were heading there, we see the hearse coming out and the Police vehicle was behind so we turn around to go behind them and the Police stop us and take some information… When we come out back we go straight to the mortuary and there I see my son lying on the stretcher.”
She explained that his face was covered in blood and she was unable to tell what injuries he may have sustained.
Meanwhile, Police arrested Sukhan’s brother, who was allegedly racing with him.
This came weeks after an 18-year-old unlicensed driver – who was racing with another motor car – crashed into a bar at De Willem, West Coast Demerara, killing three persons.
The teen driver, Matthew Ambedkar, was subsequently charged and remanded to prison.