Bharrat Jagdeo can move Guyana forward

Dear Editor,
Only Bharrat Jagdeo, a gifted, brilliant son of Guyana, can move this great country towards modern development. Bharrat has proven through his presidency, that he is capable of taking Guyana along the road to a modernised country. This man, who served the country with distinction as President, is the only true leader Guyanese can depend on for a secure future for themselves, children and future generations.
Bharrat as President has moved Guyana from a poor country to one that the world has respected and every Guyanese can proudly say- “yes, Bharrat did an excellent job.”
It is very sad now that we have not seen such dynamic leadership coming from President David Granger and the APNU/AFC coalition Government. Things have surely slowed down and the President is not moving the country in the path of progress and development.
What Guyanese had hoped for has been temporarily lost and it is sad because, as for me, I am getting older every day and what I wanted to see – Guyana as a modernised country – is suddenly lost because the PPP/C is not in government.
I am only waiting on the next general election to see the PPP/C win and take control of Government so Guyana can continue again on the road to modernisation and, at least before I go with my God, I can experience what a modernised Guyana will look like.
Bharrat Jagdeo’s vision for a modernised Guyana includes a modern concrete bridge across the Demerara River, a modern highway from Linden to Lethem, deep water harbour, the Amaila Hydro Power Project, Specialty Hospital, a bridge across the Corentyne River, modern international airport etc, etc.
Only Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP/C can deliver those projects and many others to modernise Guyana, not the APNU/AFC.
Bharrat is a gifted, talented person from God to Guyana. This country has had many other good leaders but none can be compared to Mr Bharrat Jagdeo. Guyana knows it, he is brilliant, the champion of the earth. We must be proud of such a leader who can turn this country around into a modernised, great, developed country.
A man who is gifted and brilliant in climate change, he has won admiration from around the globe for his ideas on climate change.
Guyana and Guyanese truly need Bharrat Jagdeo as President of the Republic of Guyana again, to continue the modernisation of this great country.
If the APNU/AFC has vision for development, it would have continued many projects so that the country could move forward. But, they choose to condemn and waste money on forensic audits instead of continuing where the PPP/C left off.
Two years of their term in Government will be finished in May 2017, leaving them 36 months more – what mega projects can the government now embark on to convince Guyanese that they are moving the country towards modernisation?
At the end of five years in power, the writing on the wall will surely say – “5 years lost for Guyana in the modernisation path.” How sad for a country that cannot set up a Hydro Station to transform itself into a great, prospering country, after 50 years of independence from the UK.
Only Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP/C can make Guyana into a powerful industrialised country!

With regards,
Kevin Singh