Blame game… and Granger

Now that Granger’s dragged out the naming of the Opposition Leader three months and counting…the same people who loved him for holding out on the elections results for five months are cussing him out something stink and dutty!! Life’s a bitch, ain’t it?? Well like somebody much wiser than your Eyewitness said, “if you can’t please everybody, you might as well please yourself!!” And it looks like Granger’s pleasing nobody but himself!!
Your Eyewitness can’t believe that this man who could do anything but walk on water (maybe he did that too?) to PNC supporters has been reduced to receiving such nasty shade or worse from every Tom, Dick or Harriet from here to New York. Especially from New York, where they clatter away like rodents from behind their keyboards. “Coward” was the kindest curse for bowing to world censure that the jig (of the rig!) was up!!
Poor Granger…after all the dropping on his knees at the drop of a cap to buttress his god-fearing qualities? It couldn’t have been easy at his age. And his avuncular, simpering smile even when he was being insulted at the Pegasus walkout and had to strike his nonchalant “who’s bothered” pose? His clenched jaw was a dead giveaway for the one time General whose mere raised eyebrows cause platoons to quiver!! Oh.. how the mighty has fallen for the cause of these ingrates!!
Anyhow the blame game continues unabated even though Granger just explained he was simply following the rules set down by the laws of the land. But the cussing out is maybe poetic justice? The PNC and their leaders have always cited the laws of the land with a knowing wink to each other. And even a snicker!! Can Granger blame them after – for instance – insisting he didn’t know that PNC agent was challenging the recount he’d decided on when it became clear they would lose the elections?? Wink, wink!!
So your Eyewitness wonders when this blame game’s gonna stop? Will it be like Kanye’s (well, he’s now just “Ye”, but we know who your Eyewitness is referring to, don’t we?) epic, narrative riff on the blame game between him his ex?? “Let’s play the blame game, I love you more/ Let’s play the blame game for sure. Let’s call out names, names, I hate you more/ Let’s call out names, names, for sure. We walk away like strangers in the street. Gone for eternity, we erased one another. So far from where we came with so much of everything/How do we leave with nothing”??
And that’s the question, isn’t it? In this blame game, is the new PNC leadership determined to leave Granger with nothing?

…on drilling for oil
As your Eyewitness been saying who wouldn’t have wanted a better oil contract?? But jeez, if you want renegotiation why not file a case and bring in Trotman to testify who told him to sign along the dotted like in the Lone-star State? But like a broken record (yes, you younguns, songs used to come from spinning vinyl “records” that could break!!) some well-intentioned Don Quixotes jump into the fray to plug for “renegotiation” every day of the week including Sundays. Shouldn’t these fellows attend Church to pray for their demands to come true?
Anyhow, their latest bout of foot-stamping was occasioned by the Environmental Board taking five working days to review 6000+ pages of the revised Yellowtail impact study for the latest approval. Now, rather than complimenting the Board for performing that Herculean task – especially when one of those five days was Phagwah! – they’re being pilloried.
Maybe they should have taken five months? But the renegotiatiors should’ve supplied a dirty bed sheet!!

…on the war
It’s rather surprising at the number of western “experts” who’re insisting the west is to be blamed for the Ukraine War. The Russian Bear had to react to maintain self-respect.
But this just demonstrates the West’s democratic credentials!