Blueberry Hill win Assuria Insurance 5-a-Side tournament

Assuria Fire and Life Insurance Company last Saturday staged a Five-a-Side competition in Linden, as they sought to give back after a good first year in football the mining town.
General Manager Yogindra Arjune, among the top officials who journeyed to Linden for the promotion, informed: “We have had a very good response, and because of that, we were very confident that we would do well. And that is why we want to (sponsor) events like this; and many other things we will be doing in the community, but we are very, very happy that Lindeners have really accepted us and given us good support.”
APNU/AFC Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira was also on hand when residents turned out to witness the occasion. He described the occasion as great.
“The fact that they are getting good business from Guyana and Guyanese, more particularly this community as well, I am happy that they are not only giving back in promotion of the sports that the community loves, but the fact that they would have come and invested in a branch in the community and providing opportunities for employment for our people shows a positive outlook for this company, and I am positive that the community will continue to support the services that they are providing.” Member of Parliament Figueira said.
Led by Colwyn Drakes, later named ‘Most Valuable Player’, Blueberry Hill reached the final by defeating Quiet Storm, and then winning against Amelia’s Ward Hill Foot in sudden death to earn a place in the final. They received the top prize of $50,000, while the losing finalist, Amelia’s Ward Hill Foot, received $25,000. Amelia’s Ward Hill Foot got past South Amelia’s Ward to reach the final. For placing third, Quiet Storm won $15,000, and fourth placed South Amelia’s Ward gained $10,000.