Brace yourself Guyana

Dear Editor,
Guyanese should brace themselves for the benefits that will be thrown their way, some good and some bad, as the country prepares for the inevitable election. During the election period, opportunities will be offered all over by politicians in an attempt to buy votes and Guyanese should be updated with what’s happening to grasp any opportunity that presents itself. Already, we are seeing massive clean-ups being undertaken across the country and in Guyhoc, the residents are quite pleased to see one major canal being cleaned after being neglected by this Administration for quite a while. No doubt this Administration is in full gear to win people’s confidence for another term so those who have issues affecting them or their village should use the avenues available to highlight their concerns and hope the Administration addresses it before election. Likewise, we all should be alert for victimisation from the opposite side you supporting because that is nothing new. Already I’ve seen mechanism being put in place for future victimisation and with all happening in the last three years, this election will indeed prove interesting. Already the scandalous mouths are whispering about civil unrest, preparations are being put in place for rigging at the upcoming election. One interesting observation is the commercial being advertised about the Government launching a campaign to remove obstructions on roadway and interestingly, non-approved signboards. I am wondering how long before someone has to apply for putting up a billboard, especially the political ones. Since it’s the Public Infrastructure Ministry issuing that order, no doubt the ruling party would get the best opportunities that are available. During election periods in Guyana, the citizens always feel the effect coming out of election, some of us even turn enemies, but still, we continue in the same pattern year after year.
Editor, with a relatively new Government that has not been able to settle down properly, we are seeing signs of bullyism, the extreme someone would go to hold on to power. Immediately after being sworn in, scandal after scandal kept arising and I was under the impression that instead of doing a proper job, they are competing to see who is more dishonest. This present Administration is seeking all loopholes to prevent the election and as they attempt to, they are neglecting their duties and concentrating on promoting their Administration while making wild accusations about the previous Administration. Immediately after being sworn in, massive repainting of Government offices/places throughout the country and the colour green was used. Staff even started wearing uniforms with the colour green. Major repairs were done at all levels. I have no problems with that, but one should understand that for the past 23 years, the PPP/C was working under the same conditions, never tried to repaint any building with their party colours or have the staff wear uniforms with the colour that represents their party. We see a huge increase in salary for themselves, spending on food and drinks increased instead of trying to curb the expense, they sought their friends and awarded contracts to provide more expensive food and drinks. Meanwhile, all Ministries performances have dropped significantly and there’s the boast of change. Brace yourself Guyana, we’ve gotten an exchange which is worse.

Sahadeo Bates