BREAKING NEWS: 13 “real bad” inmates escaped from Lusignan Prison – Director

The Guyana Police Force has confirmed that 13 prisoners are now on the run after they escaped from the Lusignan Prison between Sunday night and Monday morning.

The fugitives are:

Clive Forde (Murder)

Tishan McKenzie (Armed Robbery)

Winston Long (Armed Robbery)

Kerry Cromwell (Murder)

Pascal Smith (Murder)

Odel Roberts (Murder)

Kendell Skeet (Murder)

Paul Goriah (Robbery/Murder)

Jamal Forde (Robbery/Murder)

Jamal Joseph (Inflicting bodily harm)

Rayon Jones (Discharge of loaded firearm)

Jason Howard (Murder)

Shawn Harris (Murder)

The joint service has launched a manhunt for the prisoners while prison officials are yet to determine how the men escaped from the well secured penitentiary.

The police are urging the public not to “panic” while at the same time requesting that they stay away from the East Coast of Demerara backlands.

Details will following in the July 25, 2015 edition of Guyana Times.