Business community demands copies of Region 4 SoPs

…reiterates need for urgent public disclosure of results

With election results delayed by almost a month, the Private Sector Commission (PSC) has now demanded that the contentious Statements of Poll (SoPs) for Region Four be made available to it and each of the contesting political parties. The demand was made by PSC Chair Captain Gerry Gouveia, who, in a missive directed to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), reminded that the business organisation was an accredited local observer.

PSC Chairman, Captain Gerry Gouveia

Captain Gouveia reminded too that the PSC, “as a leading member of civil society in Guyana, shares the observations recorded by the local and international observers contained in their public statements that the tabulation and verification process of the Region Four General and Regional Elections are flawed and have been unlawfully declared.”
The PSC Chair was adamant that “as a major civil society observer and stakeholder in the conduct and outcome of these elections, it is our bounden duty to report as accurately as possible on the fairness and propriety of the tabulation and verification of the General and Regional Elections as we have observed them“.

According to Gouveia, it is clear to the PSC, from its observations, that the SoPs used by Region Four Returning Officer (RO) Clairmont Mingo “in tabulating the results of the elections, were never established as authentic”.
The business community’s representative body said the vote tallies being read out and presented for tabulation by Mingo and his staff were at significant variation from the SoPs in the possession of the contesting political parties and that the pace at which the numbers were presented made it impossible for the party agents and observers to follow and verify the process in a transparent manner.
According to Gouveia, GECOM’s records will show that the Commission “in the November 2011 General and Regional Elections, acceded to a request by the PSC to make scanned copies of the SoPs of that election available to the contesting political parties and to the PSC”.
This was in response to a protest with regard to the credibility of the tabulation of the election results from the then Opposition parties – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC).
According to Gouveia, “that favourable response by GECOM literally set a precedent for the voluntary release of the SoPs by this Commission”.
The PSC Chairman noted that given the fact that the tabulation processes conducted by the Returning Officer for District Four of the General and Regional Elections were found not to be credible nor transparent by all of the Accredited Domestic and International Observers, without exception, “we hereby formally request copies of all of the SoPs of every District and further propose that scanned copies of these SoPs are made available on request to all of the contesting political parties”.
According to Gouveia, the “request for copies of the SoPs is made purely out of the urgent necessity for credible public disclosure of the results of the elections”.