Can the new Mayor make a difference?

Dear Editor,
I was looking at the new Mayor of Georgetown for the year 2019, Mr Ubraj Narine, and immediately my reaction to the news was a long, deep sigh. The reason for my lamentation is the fact that the new mayor was flanked by two known characters; current Mayor, Patricia Chase Greene and Mr Oscar Clarke.
Green and Clarke are already ex-officio members of the new finance committee of the Council whose stewardship so far have been utterly tainted by corruption. With such a cabal of corrupt officials on the Council, and in particular, members of the finance committee, one wonders what the new mayor can do, if anything at all, surrounded by so great a multitude of vile people.
That corruption, for certain, was engineered and fostered by the very same group who placed him there. I am speaking of felons, persons found guilty of grand theft and other misconduct in public office by a Commission of Inquiry. The only thing left now is for their indictment in a court of law.
So, one wonders what this latest election to the grand office of mayor is all about? Is this The APNU’s new charade to show that the much talked about “cohesion” is truly on the move, or must we conclude that the young face to the Mayor’s position is just another window dressing? The point is, when you are surrounded by such dead weight how much of a takeoff flight can Mr Narine make? This is the burning question.
Comrade Narine might be well intentioned in his approach to the office, and might want to infuse new ideas, all for the wellbeing of the citizens of Georgetown, but can he, or rightly put, how effective would those ideas be? These are the burning questions the ordinary citizen is forced to ask? Can he really make a difference?
To make those new and progressive ideas work, Mr Narine will soon be on a collision course with the old Guard in The PNC on that Council. It means that the new mayor would be stepping on the toes of his so called PNC friends and we are quite familiar with that real case scenario. It means that he would soon be faced with a no-confidence vote which would see an abrupt end to his tenure as mayor. So, again I pose the question, will he be another Uncle Tom like Moses Nagamootoo who now embraces all the filth he once derided when he was with The PPP or will he break free and become a patriot? Only time will tell.
In this regard, I urge The Pandit to read more of The Ramayan and possibly baptise all his APNU friends in “nuff dye water” to cleanse their corrupt minds and wash away their burdensome sins. I rest my case.

Neil Adams