Can we ever truly have a developed capital city?

Dear Editor,
Driving along what appears to be the new route for Mashramani 2019, I have encountered the roadways defaced with some crude, oversized, dreadful numbers slovenly painted in a hodgepodge manner on the road surface.
Initially thinking this was the act of some unhinged and deranged person, I was horrified to learn that it was the work of the Georgetown municipality. I had to ask myself, does the Council really expect so many vendors? Why waste so much paint and so many man hours? Why do the numbers have to be so big and obnoxious? Surely, they could have used a road marking stencil kit with pre-spaced numerals constructed from sturdy reusable Polypropylene boards with 200 mm font sized numerals.
Must the Georgetown municipality be allowed to continue to behave in such a vulgar, unprofessional and unprincipled manner until the end of time? Can’t the new Council raise the bar on city management?
My question is – can we ever truly have a developed capital city when our City Council has a third world mentality?

Sean Moniz