Caribbean to remain focused on developing boxing – Ninvalle

Amidst the brewing turmoil in the International Boxing Association (AIBA), President of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) Steve Ninvalle told his Caribbean counter parts they will aim to remain focus on evolving the sport.
Ninvalle was at the time speaking at a meeting of Caribbean boxing representatives at the National Racquet Centre.
He felt it was important that the region do not “pick sides” during the on-going saga but reaming for the development of the sport.
AIBA Taiwanese president Ching-kuo Wu has been provisionally suspended by a disciplinary commission.

GBA President Steve Ninvalle addressing the gathering on Saturday at the National Racquet Centre15

The Switzerland-based organisation has been riven with in-fighting for months, with Wu pitted against most of the executive committee who failed to remove him through a vote of no-confidence tabled in July.
The Interim Management Committee (IMC), which was established in July following the no confidence vote, has been seeking to remove the Taiwanese official from power amid allegations of financial mismanagement under his administration.
The salutation leaves the Caribbean in a predicament especially since they have their regional championships this December in ST Lucia and the AIBA had offered US$25,000 to help the host offset expenses.
Meanwhile, Director of sport Christopher Jones told the gathering the meeting is off significant value since it is necessary to fix the issues that exist.
Jones reminded the gathering the impact the sport has on the region since it gives youths from “depressed communities an opportunity to achieve goals and engage in a positive lifestyle.”
Representatives came from Bahamas, St Marten, St Lucia, Barbados, Suriname, Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago along with American Boxing Federation (AMBC) President Osvaldo Rafael Bisbal who a made a presentation concerning the situation of AIBA.