Caricom needs to come clean on the Guyana situation

Dear Editor,
It is a body or organisation that is supposed to represent the “Caribbean Community,” that is, every last member in its jurisdiction, however, to date, this organisation has remained the most partisan and racially biased in the Caribbean. I make those bold remarks after reviewing their actions as it regards the political situation in Guyana.
Up until this time, Caricom has been reticent on matters of urgent attention and maybe intervention, but they remain deaf and undisturbed to the goings-on here. Their reaction in the present circumstances betrays their previous stance on things in Guyana especially when the PPP/C party was in Government. In those circumstances, they asked for respect and for the PPP/C to abide by the Constitution, but now is strangely silent in the face of gross constitutional violations by the Granger Government.
So, where have their voice gone, have they suddenly gone to sleep or deaf altogether? The answer is they are neither of the two, the only thing this time around is that they have become more duplicitous and deeply involved in their deceit. They act totally oblivious to the political situation in Guyana because they have to speak to “one of their own” now and they are not prepared to do that. They are called to discipline or at least reprimand an errant Government, but they would not say a word.
Had it been the PPP/C caught up in such atrocities, the movers and shakers at Caricom would have sprung into action to get rid of them, they would have done all that is necessary to force that Administration to conform. However, this time it is, as it were, “one of their own” so act as if you are amnesiac, pretend as if nothing serious has happened.
Granger has broken every law there is in the Constitution yet Caricom remains silent. He has turned up his nose on every directive given by the courts to the point where his Government is an illegal entity at the present moment. He continues to act in defiance of the Constitution and in addition, is spending millions of our tax dollars on campaign pursuits while the entire populace lays waste.
This brings us to the question, is Caricom interested in democracy or the rule of law in our country? And the answer comes back with a resounding no! As far as Guyana is concerned, for all intents and purposes, the democratic process is dead. We are not talking about a Caricom Body that is some distance away from Guyana, we are talking about an organisation that is right here in our midst, a Caribbean homegrown organisation that is acting aloof to our democratic process. It is most despicable – and if I may add – racist to say the least that this foolishness should exist. But, exist it does and flourishes all under the direct auspices of the Caribbean Community.
Well, I would not mince words with what I am about to say, but suffice it to say was I the next president of Guyana I would kindly ask Caricom to relocate to someplace else that is more conducive to that sort of deceitful behaviour. And don’t you dare call me draconian because my position would not have been a unique occurrence in the Caribbean, as history would have proven that when another regional organisation, The WICBC became inimical to the interest of the Bajans they kicked them out of Barbados.
So, my advice to Caricom is to come clean with the Guyana situation or get out.

Neil Adams