Causing death by dangerous driving trial continues

Goed Fortuin fatal accident

The trial of Ravindra Ramkissoon continued on Thursday last at the Wales Magistrate’s Court.
The man stands accused of causing the death by dangerous driving of 58-year-old Albert Shivdyal, a pedal cyclist who was killed on October 22, 2016 at the Goed Fortuin Public Road when the accused driver of PNN 7289 slammed into him.
At the trial on Thursday, Police Lance Corporal Glenroy Holder testified to taking the crime scene photographs. The Police witness recalled taking a photograph of the spot where Shivdyal was lying when he was allegedly hit by the motor car. Lance Corporal Holder identified the 10 photos that were later admitted into evidence.
Under cross-examination by Ramkissoon’s Attorney, Pamela De Santos, the Police witness stated that he was not aware that the defendant’s motor car was involved in an accident while being towed away to the Police station. Lance Corporal Holder maintained further that he was not aware that it was a construction truck that slammed into the motor car.
Back in 2016, it was reported that around 22:00h on the day in question, the speeding car had collided with a bicycle which resulted in Shivdyal’s death. Police had disclosed that the car “was proceeding north along the western driveway at a fast rate, while the cyclist was proceeding in the said direction but on the eastern side of the road”. Eyewitnesses had noted that the cyclist was struck after he had crossed the road from east to west into the path of the speeding vehicle. Shivdyal was picked up by ranks of a Police patrol and had been rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Police had further noted that the breathalyser test which was conducted on the driver of the car found no trace of blood alcohol. However, investigations had revealed that a braking distance of 126 feet from the point of impact was observed.
The trial continues before Senior Magistrate Clive Nurse.