Celebrating Easter was challenging

Dear Editor,
Every year, Easter is celebrated with gusto and enthusiasm. It is a celebration of joy and peace upon the earth, but, more importantly, a celebration of light upon the earth, when Jesus was resurrected.
Christians gather in churches to commemorate the event of the resurrection, and hence consolidate their faith in the resurrection. In Guyana, flying kites is very much associated with Easter, where people of every walk of life fly kites in unison.
This used to be the way we celebrated Easter. However, this year has brought an enormous challenge to every celebration, including the Easter. Due to COVID-19, this year Easter saw a much toned-down celebration, mostly confined to the houses.
It seemed as if Easter light was dimmed both from COVID and rain. In order for us to see the light, we need our eyes. Light on its own, without the eyes, is meaningless, and also if we have excess of light, our eyes might be blinded or vice-versa.
We have a huge challenge ahead of us to ensure that we, as a community, see the light of Easter as we overcome the darkness of COVID-19.
Jesus conquered the darkness of death, and so shall we also conquer this pandemic. However, it is crucial to cooperate with guidelines and measures that are in effect to slow and conquer this deadly virus.

Jerri Melwin Dias