City Council bullying the citizenry

Dear Editor,

As a business owner I would like to express my dismay at the arbitrary imposition of a new fee/fine by the Georgetown City Council.

Without publishing in the Official Gazette, local newspapers or without even sending a formal letter to business owners, the Council has just started demanding a fee of $25,000 from business owners each time a container is parked outside their premises for the offloading of their goods.

I believe it is time a legal challenge is made against the Council, as nowhere in the by-laws or statutes of the city is there a provision for the charging of a $25,000 per day fee for the parking of a container.

The City Council in its recent greed and desire to extract every dollar it possibly can from the citizens of Georgetown is becoming unreasonable in its demands. Why is no other municipality demanding this fee for the parking of containers?

Soon they may charge the business owner for parking his or her car there.

And why does the Council not charge the mobile fish truck “King Fish”; which is associated with a senior officer of the Council, a fee of $25,000 per day for parking there 24/7, 365 days a year?

It is time for the citizenry of Georgetown to stand against the bullyism of the City Council.


Mark Roopan