Closure of LBI operations not a wise move

Dear Editor,
It was saddening to hear of GuySuCo’s decision to end the operations at LBI Estate. From what I understand a number of departments including the Field Workshop would be closed and its tasks discharged from the workshop at Enmore Estate.
I do not think this is a wise move by GuySuCo. Given the distance between Enmore and LBI it would be both time-consuming and costly for mechanics to travel to repair machines and other equipment in the LBI cultivation.
Time is important especially when tillage operations are being carried out. I recall when the Diamond cultivation was in existence, GuySuCo maintained a workshop at that location for such occasions.
I also understand that the Enmore workshop is too small and cannot accommodate the total machine fleet from both LBI and Enmore. This will undoubtedly cause major problems.
What is the real reason for GuySuCo’s hasty decision to close the LBI operations?

Yours sincerely,
Fredrick Yuvraj