Coming together… for Guyana

All families will have a bit of tension among their members. Sometimes the tension can even break out from simmering resentments into open fights – physically or in the courts. When you think about it, countries are families writ large and they display the same internal dynamics. In Guyana, we don’t have to be told about that, do we?? In our case, the fights had gotten so bitter, some forgot we Guyanese are family. But just take a step out of our dear mudland and you’ll get a rude reminder!!
With all the chatter that some of us are “closer” to our Caricom citizens, do you think Trinidad and Barbados treated any particular Guyanese more favourably when we passed through their airports?? In relationships with other countries, NEVER forget the golden rule is “there are no friends or enemies – just permanent interests”. It doesn’t matter what close relationship there might develop between even leaders of countries – ultimately, the golden rule will triumph.
And this brings us to the nasty spat that has erupted with Suriname over fishing licences for our fishermen to operate in Surinamese waters. And in case you forgot, the Corentyne River’s OWNED by Suriname – right up to our bank!! Meaning that as soon as you stick your toes in the water at, say Skeldon, you’re in Suriname!! And their law says folks gotta be licensed to fish!! Now this has been a source of tension from “time immemorial” – but as is usual with us Third World, it was handled by passing some “offerings” under the seine – so to speak!! And just as usual, a shakedown racket developed – where if you didn’t cough up – your boats were seized.
So it was that when President Ali and President Santokhi were elected within months of each other in 2020, they exchanged official visits and struck up a close friendship. The matter of the fishing licences was raised by Pres Ali and after discussions, a WRITTEN AGREEMENT was signed by the two leaders for 150 licences to be issued to Guyanese fishermen by Jan 2022. But Jan 2022 came and went and there were no licences!! The matter was raised at the highest levels again – but all for naught.
The report that our officials received from our fishermen was that officials in Suriname who’d profited from the extortion racket had dug their heels in and refused to comply. But since this was an official order from the very top, it meant that these shake-down artists also had friends in high places. Earlier this month, our VP called an “a spade a spade” –- and this has caused the Surinamese to get their drawers in a knot.
Well…let them say why their presidential signed agreement isn’t being honoured!!

…for Warriors!!
Well, Dear Readers, your Eyewitness thanks you for following his suggestion and turning up at Providence Saturday night to ROAR our Warriors into the play-offs. He gotta tell all of you – this was the best ever!! Imagine coming up against these snotty Trinis, and not just beating them for the second time – but KNOCKING THEM OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS to catapult us into that round!! That they were all bowled out – and with the last ball – was the icing on the cake!!
But once again, your Eyewitness has to remark on the bonhomie displayed by Guyanese of all stripes to each other. It was out of this world – and as one fan remarked, maybe we should have Warrior Cricket all year long?? And if we can’t swing that, schedule a tournament right after the next elections?? As explained above, it’s all about we – as Guyanese – facing “the outsider”. And that means something.
Even if it’s because we say, “Chicken curry” and the Trinis say, “curry chicken”!!!

…on oil
Coming back to the golden rule of international relations, could someone explain to your Eyewitness why is it that these overseas Guyanese are suing to cancel the agreement for Liza 1??
Exactly whose interest will this further??