Condemning horrific murder of Pandit Rishi Bharat

Dear Editor,
The Maha Sabha condemns the horrific murder of Pandit Rishi Bharat of Crabwood Creek, Berbice.
It is understood that the perpetrators of this heinous crime were imbibing close to the home of the pandit when he requested that they refrain from doing so due to the noise caused. As a result, the pandit was verbally and physically abused resulting in his death.
The Sabha, for years, have supported calls by the wider Hindu community for more attention to be paid to alcohol abuse and noise pollution in rural communities. These calls have always been side-lined by the relevant authorities. Today, we see clearly the grappling effects alcohol abuse can have on our communities.
The Maha Sabha call on all Hindus to condemn this horrific killing of Pandit Bharat and for justice to be served in a swift manner. An appeal is also made to the relevant authorities to urgently put stringent measures in place as it relates to the public consumption of alcohol and disturbance of public order caused therein, all of which are unlawful under Section 131 of the Summary Jurisdiction (Offences) Act, Cap 8:02 of the Laws of Guyana.
The Maha Sabha extends heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the late Pandit Rishi Bharat and pray that his Atma finds a place in the abode of Bhagwan Shri Krishna.

Maha Sabha