Opposition continues to rant and make baseless claims

Dear Editor,
I have taken note of a letter penned by Annette Ferguson to which I feel compelled to respond. The letter which was titled “Coalition gov’t was instrumental in having adequate housing programme approved” holds no merit as it is very clear that Ferguson continues to be disingenuous as she seeks to take credit for initiatives being undertaken in the housing sector by the current Administration. The former Minister speaks of another illusory plan that was never implemented by the APNU/AFC coalition, quite like their promised good life and decade of development.
Editor, there were a lot of diatribes stated by Ferguson but perhaps she can state how many new housing schemes were created, the number of homes constructed and occupied, the basic infrastructure for the housing schemes, the geographical spread, and the diverse selection of potential homeowners. I believe that providing this information will give merit to her claims which should be dismissed until such time as she does so.
Ferguson stated, “Every home, in turn, should belong to a community in which our citizens can enjoy good health, fresh air and clean water; where they walk the streets free from molestation, benefit from good roads, streetlights and pavements and where their children have access to a sound education and facilities for play and recreation.” But the facts are that the APNU/AFC just completed five years in Government. It would be good if Ferguson can therefore identify one such community that they developed along those lines during their time in office. Additionally, it is important to note that Ferguson sits in the PNC’s leadership. The PNC/APNU/AFC has been in control of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council for decades. Therefore, relative to her contention as quoted above, I’m forced to question how come their stewardship of the capital city has not resulted in this?
Editor, I end by saying that the former Minister, like her colleagues who now occupy the Opposition, continues to rant and make baseless claims. Her latest offering is another puerile attempt at fraud, as the APNU/AFC is noted for.

Thomas Cole