Congratulations to the First Lady and team!

Dear Editor,
Congratulates the First Lady on her outstanding achievement in improving the sea walls. She has transformed a deteriorating location where the homeless and drug addicted had started to take over, and has transformed it into a safer family-oriented tourist attraction. Congratulations on the beautiful work done to improve the sea walls. Its proximity to the Police should help keep everyone safe and increased friendly Police presence will allow visitors at the Marriott and Pegasus to safely enjoy the sea breeze, some tasty Guyanese food, refreshments, and the occasional entertainment. A short distance from Palm Court, the entire area is being packaged nicely for tourists and visiting Guyanese. It also offers a great family outing experience for locals who wish to create the memories that we have always held dear when going to the sea walls. It continues to be a place where singles can enjoy a first kiss and romantic walks in the moonlight are treasured. The First Lady has recreated a beautiful place where Mashramani and Kite Flying experiences will be celebrated in a more beautiful environment that embraces our cultures and Caribbean traditions. The First Lady and her team are doing a great job. Congratulations!

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee